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Welcome to Malediction

Malediction is a new Australian based hardcore raiding guild looking to recruit skilled members into our core 10man group for Heroic Dragon Soul progression. Currently 1/8Hardmodes on 3rd week of DS attempts. We are a guild that takes its raiding seriously. The guild is composed of mature (relatively), skilled, committed players who, despite being seriously addicted to wow, have lives with responsibilities that have to be attended to. Our purpose is to be a competitive progression guild that raids extremely well, just not 5 or 6 days a week

In spite of our rather modest raid schedule, Malediction is not a casual guild. We have certain expectations of our raiders.

Please consider the following things before applying to our guild:

  1. Make sure you have read the following forum posts. What we ask of you and Earning your raid spot
  2. We seek players with high focus and situational awareness. These qualities are necessary for progression.
  3. Our raids are Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm (server time).
  4. Invitations go out 30 minutes before the raid starts. Raiders are expected to be in the instance and ready to go at exactly the raid start time.
  5. Raiders who will be late to a raid or will not be able to attend a raid are required to post about this absence in our Raid Absences forum.
  6. Attendance is very important to Malediction. If you do not consistently make raids or fail to post your absences, we will replace you.
  7. Our trial period is roughly 2-3 weeks. If you miss any raids during that trial period, without an appropriate catastrophe as justification, your trial will likely be extended.
  8. If you are not pulling your own weight, officers will notify you of this and give you a fair chance to improve. You will not be singled out on vent. 
  9. You are expected to have proper professions for your role in Malediction
  10. You are expected to have flasks/consumables ready for every raid, as well as sufficient money for repairs.
  11. During progression content, we may wipe repeatedly for hours. If you are not comfortable with this notion, Malediction is not for you.
  12. Sometimes we must put raiders on standby to form an ideal group on difficult content. If you feel that you cannot stand to ever sit out, Malediction may not be for you.
  13. We use loot council to distribute loot. We strive to make this system as fair as possible, but recruits are the lowest priority when it comes to loot. If you expect to be fully geared out during your first few raids with Malediction, then we're not the guild for you.

If you have read these 13 points and feel that you're a good fit for Malediction, please drop us an application.

Responses and follow-up questions to your application will be asked  in game. Succesful applicants will be contacted in game via mail or whisper, if you are not contacted within 5 days, your app has been denied. Keep in mind that all classes will be considered if the skill level and experience is judged to be high enough.

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